Thursday, October 20, 2011

Boudin Noir... (You don't want to know what it is until after it's in your stomach!)

I know I haven't posted in a little while but thing have been pretty chill here. I'll go time-line style.
Last Saturday there was another AFS orientation. We met up at an apple juice pressing factory. When I say factory I mean two big rooms and maybe a couple smaller ones, no larger. We loaded crates of apples into a super-Kuisinart that basically turned them into shredded apple. Then it was spread out between layers of rough cloth and wooden crate sidings and pressed. The juice was boiled and bottled and then manually capped with a press that you put a cap in each time and then tried to line up the bottle to the cap. Needless to say, I must have cost the company at least €5.00 worth of bottle caps. Then the bottles were loaded into our waiting sacs, crates and bags so everyone went home with tons of apple juice! It was kind of a weird thing to do as a reunion (I think AFS signed a deal with the apple juice people telling them they'd get a bunch of foreign kids and French families to work for the for the morning) but it was pretty fun. Moving on...
Last night I had my first dream in French!!! Or rather, dream in semi-French. I remember that I was talking to a group of English speakers in English and then I turned around and had a mini-conversation, really quite and really fast, with Guillaume or Gabe. Or both. The most vivid part of the dream, however,  talking in really fast, correct French and then turning around and seeing all the English-speakers looking at me, obviously not understanding a word I had said. Weird I know, don't blame me I only got to bed at 12:00PM, I was too busy reading 1984 in French. It's quite a sight because I have the English and French version so I keep switching back and forth between them and it's hard to stay with the plot but I know the plot so it's OK.
Ce soir, j'ai mangé le boudin noir or as some people might know it, Black Pudding. Or Blood Sausage, which is a literal description; I don't know where they got black pudding from since it's really dark red and not pudding...? Anyway, I had that today and it was pretty good for the fact that it was pig blood stuffed in a pig intestine!
Tomorrow is my last day of school for almost two weeks! I have a 10-day vacance d'octobre so that's pretty awesome! I'm going to try to get up to Laval to visit a friend and then I heard from my family today that we might be staying at the sea for a couple days, in a cousin's apartment! Although, this time I don't think I'll be in the water too much. It's been really cold here the last week although nothing has frozen over yet. Just cold enough to make me start wearing my heavy-duty winter jacket to the bus in the morning.
Oh, also, I met a Finnish exchange student at my school. This is kind of an old story because by now we're good friends but I just thought it was funny the way I met her. So two or three weeks ago, I heard from an English teacher that there was another exchange student at Jean Bodin, from Finland. Then a day or two later, I was walking across the courtyard and I passed on of the benches and heard someone talking in English. I didn't think too much about it, besides that it was good English, but then I heard the words "host family". I did a 180, praying I wasn't about to seriously embarrass my self, and said to the extremely blond girl sitting on the bench "You aren't, by any chance, the Finnish exchange student, are you?" Thankfully, it was her and we talked for a little while. I found out that she wasn't with AFS, which is why I hadn't met her before, but with some other European program who's name I forgot. She's also a DJ in Finland! So that was a while ago and now her, Gabe and I make up the "foreign kids" gang. OK well, that's about it for now, although I'm sure the vacation will be interesting!
À bientôt,

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