Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving en France!

So today I got home and was having a snack in the kitchen when I noticed a bowl covered by tinfoil. I peeked under the tinfoil and found...
these. I know, at first I had no idea what they were too. It turns out they're cuisses de grenouilles, or better known as frog's legs! And then I realized it was Thanksgiving! Now you might be wondering how that led to Thanksgiving. Well the other week we had a mix-up and thought the last thursday was Thanksgiving but it wasn't so it just prompted the idea of what we were going to eat for Thanksgiving. It was up to me so I chose frog's legs! I figured, hey, I 've had turkey every year so why not mix it up a little? I do miss going my cousin's house in Cambridge and eating the amazing turkey and stuffing and the pies... Mmmmm.... But I have to say, frog's legs were pretty damn good! Laurence rolled them in flour/butter/parsley and pan-fried them and right out of the pan they were amazing! I honestly feel French now! So here, have some more pictures and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Eat some drumsticks for me!

À la milieu: after the frying pan and before my plate!

 Yes, I did pose with a pair of frog's legs. How many times do you get to do that in your life???

Okay, I admit, I didn't actually eat that many frog's legs, this is just the beginning of a collecting hobby! 

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