Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Handball is so intense in France!

So today instead of AP Math, I watched school-wide handball tournaments. Ok, it actually wasn't school-wide but it was the upper two grades; Première (my grade) and Terminale. 10 people from each homeroom/class signed up and they faced off against other groups in the gym. Actually, before I go any further, let me explain those two sentences. First, when I say homeroom/class I mean the people who I have class with every day. (I might have already explained this: if so just ignore the next sentence or two.) Unlike American schools, or at least mine, I have all my classes, everyday, with the same people, besides languages which get mixed up because of different people's choices. This group is my class, but also my homeroom, in a way. We don't actually have homeroom, but our Professeur principal (homeroom teacher, if you would) gives us daily announcements before math class which is what he teaches. The other thing I should explain is the gym, which is awesome. Right across the street there is an Athlétis which is both a gym and like an indoor sports field, in two separate giant room. Outside there are also a bunch of fields but we haven't been outside for gym class, or EPS as it's called, yet. Anyway, so today all the Premières and Terminales gathered in the indoor sports field half of the building and watched our teams play handball. It's weird because in America, handball is some game that our dads used to play in the street. Here in France, it's a legitimate game with certain rules and strategies that everyone, besides me, knows from growing up playing the sport. It's basically what it sounds like: people run around on what is essentially a mini-soccer field setup and try to throw the bal into the other goal. There's a goalie and the thrower can't come into a marked circle around the goal: this means that they're always leaping into the air to throw the ball into the goal without technically breaching the circle thing. (Yes, it's as confusing as it sounds. I had to play it in gym and more or less just ran around getting in the way or everyone else. However, that might be because the teacher explained the game really briefly in very fast French which is a world of "je ne comprends pas" for me.) The game is really fast and you have to concentrate to be able to follow the action but it's an awesome spectator sport because everyone goes crazy whenever someone scores.
I'm just happy it replaced what would've been my second block, in a row, of math...

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