Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos of the Manor

Well I guess I had more time than I thought! Here are the pictures from the manor yesterday. Unfortunately, it wasn't such a nice day, a lot of on and off raining which is normal here but it's a cool house!
 This is just me standing at the end of our street. My house is to the right and behind me is the little Louette river.

 Some French church in a very "quaint" (it's actually the right for this place) little village we passed through on the way to the manor.

 Guillaume and one of my cousins, Louise.

 This is just when we walked into the manor, through the massive front gate.

 The passageway to the gardens.

 The white-rose gardens with what looks like will be made into a fountain eventually in the middle.

 The awesome hedge labyrinth/garden I was talking about.

 This is something I didn't quite understand. I think it's a traditional addition for manors in France and usually stocked with fish for the lord or something...

 This is one of about 8 pots that lined the pool. These were actually handmade for the manor by some pottery experts as part of the renovation.

 Aurelien and the now 4 yea-old Gabriel checking out something particularly interesting on the ground that I cut out of the photo (no idea what it could be though!).

 A layout of the manor and surrounding gardens from the renovation process.
 One of the barn rooms running down the side of the courtyard. In on of these rooms they had the film aout the renovation playing.

 A passage leading out to the gardens.

 Just a kind of cool picture of the passage, again, but this time with the gardens beyond.

 The massive front gate and beyond it, the manor's main building.

 Chapel window. The chapel was locked and you couldn't get around it so that's the best I could do.

This is just a cool picture I took of a wall on the other side of the street, and behind it is some kind of little hut that's falling to pieces. But it also has that traditional French brickwork: that kind of stuff is all over my neighborhood.

This is a clip from the concerts the other weekend in Angers... I thought I'd put it here because on Facebook it would have, for some unknown reason, taken a total of 15 hours to load, even though it's less than 10 second. I dunno...
Anyway, so that's the manor!
À bientôt,

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